Commercial, Fashion and Glamour by Paulo Ebling Photography
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Hy, My Name is Paulo Ebling
I'm a photographer living in Brazil. I like to take nice, crisp and full of details photographs in a way that can enhance the qualities and attributes of the model and the outfit she is wearing as well as highlighting the location where the photos are being taken.
Facts about me
I am an easy going person and I really enjoy to meet and work with interesting and joyous people.
Photography is my passion, if you want pictures that stand out you can call me anytime.
For a picture that stands out I'm willing to work as long as it takes anytime, anywhere.
I am Master Chef in the kitchen.
I love Burguers, once ate a 1 pound burger, have a picture of it, of course.
I am dog person.
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Paulo Ebling

Commercial, Fashion and Glamour by Paulo Ebling Photography
resume Paulo Ebling
Photographer since 2001. Fashion, Glamour, Commercial, Advertising. Based in Miami or wherever you need me to be in the world.
resume Contacts
Skype: Ebling30
resume Want to Find Me?
Call Me +39 331 271 4549
Call Me +1 786 503 4647
Behind the Scenes Videos, Making Of and other photo and video related stuff. Check out all my Photos, that don't show up in ths website, from fashion to's all there! Stop by and leave a comment. 500px let you see what other people are talking about my photos and also, if you interested, you can buy some prints of my work! how cool is that!